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Cement Products

Cement Products

Cement Products

Portland Cement
CEM I 42.5 N -OPC


Is a pure strong cement used where higher strength of concrete is required in ready mix concrete, for high rise buildings, large construction projects and precast concrete.


TORORO BLUE 42.5 N has an excellent workability, low water demand and provides higher final day strength in concrete.It is a low alkali cement which has reduced expansion during application.

Typical Applications include;

Reinforced concrete structures, bridges, railway concrete structures, manufacturing of concrete poles, spun concrete pipes, tunnel lining, high rise structures, silos, dams / reserviors, over passes, viaducts / flyovers and industrial foundations.

Available in: 50Kg Bag and Bulk

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Tororo Cement Limited is the largest manufacturing “Cement and Steel products” in Uganda. It is an ISO Certified Company for quality management system (9001:2015) and environment system (14001:2015).

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