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Cement Products

Cement Products

Cement Products

Pozzolanic Cement
CEM IV B (P) 32.5N – PC


Is a general purpose composite cement, suitable for general concrete, mortar, plaster and residential use.


TORORO RED 32.5 N is easy to mix and apply, has normal setting time, provides desired final day strength in concrete and is corrosion and weather resistant.

Typical Applications include;

General structural applications in water logged sites due to its resistance to aggressive chemical attack, mortar for brick laying and plaster, suspended slabs, and water retaining structures, brick and block making, Driveways and light industrial floors, domestic poles and post foundations, footing and floors

Available in: 50Kg Bag and Bulk

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Tororo Cement Limited is the largest manufacturing “Cement and Steel products” in Uganda. It is an ISO Certified Company for quality management system (9001:2015) and environment system (14001:2015).

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